BP2 Decorating Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Library Chair Repair. The Library chairs will be repaired by Matt the Upholsterer on site. He will hand stitch the seams along the backs of the chairs.  He will also test the fabric using lighter fluid in an effort to clean up the stain on the front of one of the chairs.

We are not able to get any more of the fabric in question.

Hallway Designer Selection. All committee members offered their opinions of the 3 designers under consideration. Of 7 committee members, 4 have interviewed all 3 candidates, 2 have interviewed 2 candidates and the newest committee member did not have a chance to meet any candidate.

It was agreed that all 3 of the designers were capable of handling our project and working in the transitional style we favor. If we were to create a matrix of plusses and minuses of the candidates there are some meaningful differences. Following is a quick recap—

Jane  Frankel.

Would take total control of job. Limit liability of committee.

Would work on a consulting basis but not keen to do so.

Was reluctant to commit to doing any Viewing Boards for review and then agreed to do only one viewing board.

References: Last major commercial job: Country clubs.

Hourly Rate: $200/hour.

Over-ride (up charge) for purchases: 35%

Mark Peroni.

Formal Design Training.

Favors working on a consulting basis.

Would provide at least 2 Viewing Boards.

References: Last major commercial job: Acacia Country Club (per Mark at interview). He added an additional reference today.

Hourly Rate: $195/hour.

Over-ride (up charge) for purchases: 25% quoted when we met with him but he is now saying there would be no up charge.

Cindy Cohen.

Formal Design Training

High percentage of commercial jobs (currently 50% of workload).

Favors working on a consulting basis.

Would provide at least 2 Viewing Boards.

Last Major Commercial job: Tudor Arms Hotel.

Hourly Rate: $95/hour.

Over-ride (up charge) for purchases: 0%

There were other pros and cons for each designer expressed by committee members but this is intended to be a brief summary.

Jane had already provided samples of wallcovering and carpeting that she thought might work in our hallways. Leslie shared wallcovering and carpet samples provided by Mark. Cindy will be providing wallcovering and carpet samples by week end.

A designer decision is deferred until we see samples from Cindy.  We should also check references of the finalist. Designer decision to be made within the next week.

Hallway Project Next Steps.

  • Send out Resident Survey today, September 20. Ask for Return by September 30, 2016.
  • Send out Survey Results Summary. October 6, 2016.
  • Based on Survey results have designer develop 2 Viewing Boards. Designer can start pulling together samples as soon as they are selected as project consultant and can modify samples based on Survey feedback.
  • Present 2 (distinctly different) Viewing Boards at a Resident meeting with designer present. October 14.
  • Viewing Boards on Display for Comments: October 14-24.
  • Make final material selections based on comments.
  • Resolve wallpaper-drywall issue.
  • Order materials.

Lobby Images.

For space above the settees. The current Eiffel Tower images are on loan from Pamela Barron as placeholders until the final images are in place. Images selected are in the Art Deco style and suitable complements for the Art Deco elements that have been integrated into the Lobby setting. The images are based on a downtown Cleveland statue and are in a neutral palette and are within budget. Some concern was expressed about the amount of Black in the image and the frame. Most committee members were not concerned about the amount of black.

There is a suggestion that we solicit the input of the designer selected as our consultant on the Hallway project before proceeding with ordering the images.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 27, 2016, to make a final decision on which designer to use for the Hallway project.