1. Who is to be point person for contact with HeyNow–Pamela Barron for Marketing issues;Aaron Shaffer
for Technical issues.

2. Goals:
 Develop awareness of BP–buyers and future buyers
 Make site mobile friendly
 Refresh website so it looks more current, alive and vital
 Incorporate additional functionality and enhancements (listed below under suggested additions,

3. Desired Actions for User to Complete
Request a tour of the facility
Complete tour of facility and available suites
Purchase a suite

4. Overall goal of website: Position BP units as highly desirable (and limited availability–scarce resource)
and contradict notion that BP is far away and unknown entity by showing how close we are to things that
matter to people of all interests (and broad age range)

5. Current Website–like and don’t like
Number of Photos
Floor Plans
User Friendly
Amenities section
Gallery of Units concept
Don’t Like
Show more images on Amenities page
Enlarge photos
More photos in general
Change out Gallery of Photos often
More professional photos
Show more people interacting with facilities–actively engaged
Fabric background
BP logo on top of each page is too small
Floor plans are shown in mirror image of actual–need to be corrected

6. Other websites you like/don’t like:
Winton Place (changing photos of close by activiities–ie. Art Museum, Cleveland Orchestra, etc. but use
Flash which is bad and don’t give phone #)
Park Lane (looks elegant and contemporary)
Metropolitan at the 9s (contemporary;professional looking photos;emphasis on being in the heart of it all)
Don’t Like
Moreland Courts–stodgy
Pinnacle–too sparse
Three Village–boring
Point East–no website
7. Suggested Additions, Improvements (not listed in priority order)
 Request user contact info (name, phone #, email) if look at more than 2 available suites
 Click here to arrange for a private tour. Should be on every page
 Drone tour of the site
 Focus on Concierge services, security, exercise facilities, pool, restaurant, spa
 Change type font so less old fashioned-more contemporary
 Emphasize lake proximity
 Romance the property as NY Times does with NYC units for sale
 Create page devoted to where do you shop since this is a ? frequently asked of residents
 Stress proximity to downtown amenities–only an $8 uber drive to downtown
 Play up large windows
 Talk about 18 private acres
 Video testimonials from residents (if too costly, then written testimonials with pictures)
 3D video of public spaces and some suites
 Need more linkages–Bratenahl and Community Foundation (Patrick to follow up with Joyce Burke Jones–also ask for city to share in the cost of billboard advertising;Pamela to follow up with Bratenahl Community Foundation)
 Site page says Not Secure in red. Get SSL certificate so can be secure
 Enlarge images on separate pages
 Emphasize–50 years of innovation and forward thinking
 Designed by John Terence Kelly–noted architect known for organic relevance
 1st condo in Cleveland (and possibly Ohio)–when built in late 1960’s nothing like it between NYC and Chicago-not sure if we want to stress this
 Dedicated page for Security
 Make site easy for resident access
 Possibly add calendar of events
 Book Tour Now link button on every page (For more Information or For a Personal Tour)
 More photos of lake (Laura Goyanes, Aaron Shaffer)
 Inquiry Form with Contact info

8. 2017 Marketing Initiatives–to discuss further with HeyNow.
Digital Billboard Sign on I-90–If you lived here you would be home now
Print Ad-Currents
Print Ad-Cleveland Magazine
Brand Recognition Survey (start with surveying new residents of BP)
Realtor Open House–Leslie Davidson to sponsor;title agency to pay for speaker on core law; BP provides
Continental breakfast (OJ, bagels, spreads, pastries, coffee)